Reference number
  • LAN/1
  • Series
  • 1894-1956
  • ┆This was the first Frederick Lanchester material to be received by what was then the Library of Lanchester College of Technology, Coventry and was donated by Lanchester's widow Dorothea in August 1961. Before this date the material had been consulted by Peter Kingsford for his book on Lanchester 'FW Lanchester - the life of an engineer' (published in 1960) and by Lanchester's brother George for his paper on Frederick for The Newcomen Society (1957). A typed list of the items was produced by College Librarian Eric Baxter in 1966 in 'calendar' style, i.e. every item was described individually. His list also included an introduction, notes, and an index. The catalogue for this part of the Lanchester collection is based on the Baxter list.The items were divided into sub-series of subjects, which are: LAN/1/1 Biographical and autobiographical LAN/1/2 Aeronautical LAN/1/3 The book 'Aircraft In Warfare' LAN/1/4 Bombs LAN/1/5 The Daimler Company LAN/1/6 Gibraltar LAN/1/7 The Lanchester Company LAN/1/8 Optics LAN/1/9 Photography LAN/1/10 Sound LAN/1/11 Units LAN/1/12 Miscellaneous letters LAN/1/13 Miscellaneous documents (scientific and technical) LAN/1/14 Miscellaneous documents (general) LAN/1/15 Verse LAN/1/16 Photographs LAN/1/17 Manuscripts of published and unpublished works The original order of the material has been kept but it will be re-arranged to put it into date order and to meet archival standards.