Reference number
  • LAN/1/16
  • SubSeries
  • 1894 - 1959
  • Most of these photographs and illustrations are originals or copies of those used in two works on Frederick Lanchester: Peter Kingsford's 'F.W. Lanchester' (1960) and George Lanchester's "F.W. Lanchester, LL.D., F.R.S., his life and work" in 'Transactions of the Newcomen Society' (Vol. 30, 1955-57. pp. 221-237). Some of the photographs appear to be originals, others are later prints or reproductions. Dating is difficult since there are several possible dates involved – the date of the event and the date of the actual photograph in question which may be a later print or printed illustration. With obviously printed illustrations only the date of the original subject is included as part of the description. With contemporary photographs the date of the subject photographed is given; a further date is given when possible to indicate the date of the original photograph, when this is different from the date of the subject photographed.