Reference number
  • LAN/1/4/28
  • Item
  • 23 June 1938
  • Marks and Clerk enclose copy of report of interview with Lanchester (LAN/1/4/29), copy of letter to Comptroller, Patent Office (LAN/1/4/30), and copy of amended specification 2458/37 (LAN/1/4/31), which has now been sent to the Patent Office. Correction to drawings requested by Lanchester on 27 January was made and copy of specification and drawings (probably LAN/1/4/20) as lodged at Patent Office was sent to Frederick Lanchester on 28 January 28. Lanchester’s remarks on the citations (see LAN/1/4/22) have been incorporated, with one exception, in letter to Comptroller. Encloses LAN/1/4/29-31.